PRESS RELEASE: CITB Is Supporting Carillion Appretices As Well As The Wider Carillion Workforce

CITB is supporting Carillion apprentices as well as the wider Carillion workforce
CITB is looking for relevant employers who are interested in supporting any of the Carillion apprentices and wider workforce who are at risk of redundancy.  It is with these workers, and the wider industry in mind, that CITB is taking steps to secure the future of the 1400 Carillion apprentices. The skills and experience of these apprentices are invaluable to the British economy and crucial to the delivery of new homes and vital infrastructure.

In partnership with the Government and employers in the construction industry, CITB is establishing a project team that will prioritise the retention and redeployment of these apprentices. If you have any questions or require any more detail on CITB’s work around this issue, please do not hesitate to get in touch with HAE EHA or CITB.

We are asking HAE EHA members to get engaged with CITB’s social media campaign and share CITB’s posts in support of Carillion apprentices, and the wider Carillion workforce and supply-chain. To do this f
ollow CITB at:

If you are interested in taking on a Carillion apprentice email or call 0344 994 4010. For more information on CITB's Supporting Carillion Apprentices programme click here.