PRESS RELEASE: Boels Get a Chain Reaction

“They liked the fact that they didn't have to use fuel like the other type of tower lights which saved the client money.”

These are some of the comments received by Liam Chaney, the Boels Rental Regional Sales Manager (North East), following the completion of a factory shut-down project illuminated by fifty-five Trime X-CHAIN LED lighting sets.

Liam added, “The lights were on a site for nearly twelve weeks and they were used to light up zones on site as well as some of the parking area. The customer chose to plug them into standard mains power rather than a generator, hence their comments about saving fuel costs.”

The Trime X-CHAIN LED is a stand-alone tower floodlight fully equipped with stabilisers, retractable handles, fork-lift pockets and a telescopic, stainless steel mast. Illumination is provided via four low consumption long life LED lamps, delivering over 2000sq. metres of safe, bright lighting.  Up to four Trime X-CHAIN LED sets can be connected together using the simple ‘socket-in/socket-out’ system and then attached to a single power source - either ordinary mains or a portable generator. The Trime X-CHAIN LED has no individual fuel costs or carbon emissions and will operate totally soundlessly. The unit is designed for zero maintenance and up thirty-two units can be delivered on a single truck.

The company believes that the X-CHAIN LED is the first lighting tower in the market that has a built-in, patented emergency mast brake system that helps to enhance the safety of operators on site.

Boels Rental is one of the most renowned rental companies in Europe. Their expansion of activities is based on autonomous growth as well as a number of strategic acquisitions and has resulted in a doubling of turnover every five years, resulting in Boels Rental becoming one of the fastest growing rental companies in the world. They currently operate from 400 branches in 11 countries. They recently opened a brand new depot in Liverpool, with the stated aim to operate over 50 branches in the UK by 2020.

 Trime has significant knowledge in the lighting tower market with individuals completing over 50 years of experience in developing and marketing environmentally sustainable lighting sets for the construction and rental markets. Trime UK is headquartered in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire; their manufacturing plant is based near Milan, Italy.