PRESS RELEASE: Auto Windscreens And Michelin Join ICFM's Corporate Investor Programme

Two of the best known brands in the fleet industry - Auto Windscreens and Michelin - have become the latest companies to sign-up to ICFM’s recently-launched Corporate Investor Programme.

Both companies have joined at Affiliate Investor level, which enables them to participate in ICFM events and gain access to the organisation’s vast wealth of resources.

Designed to appeal to employers that provide a wide-range of products and services to fleets, ICFM’s Corporate Investor Programme is in addition to its long-established three levels of individual membership.

The aim of the Corporate Investor Programme is to further raise the standards of fleet industry professionals and overcome a possible skills and knowledge shortage inside many employers. Additionally, member businesses also become more closely involved in ICFM initiatives, which include training for employees, the organisation’s annual conference and Masterclasses on key industry issues.

Rupert Armitage, managing director of the automotive glass repair and replacement company, said: “Auto Windscreens is looking forward to working with ICFM and its membership to help provide education on the rapidly changing world of glass and the requirement to recalibrate the front-facing cameras that are used or a variety of the Advanced Driving Assistance Systems on today’s vehicles.”

Operating a 300-strong fleet of mobile units and scheduled to double its nationwide network of fitting hubs from 30 to 60 by the beginning of September, Mr Armitage said: “Our long-term support for ICFM will also see Auto Windscreens engage with the organisation for any training needs our employees require.


“ICFM can be the conduit for Auto Windscreens to increase its work with fleet decision-makers and provide advice and information and key vehicle glass repair and replacement issues, while we can tap into the organisation’s knowledge base and the experiences of its members.”

Meanwhile, Jonathan Layton, national fleet sales manager at the leading tyre company, said:

“Having been associated for many years with the ICFM conference, Michelin is very pleased to strengthen its ties with the organisation as an Affiliate Investor.

“When good tyres are combined with an effective tyre management policy, they can help fleet mobility managers save money at the same time as keeping their drivers safe. We really welcome the opportunity to contribute to the ICFM’s Masterclass programme by sharing our experience and expertise throughout the fleet sector.”

ICFM sales director Peter Eldridge said: “We are delighted that such well-known fleet industry suppliers as Auto Windscreens and Michelin have each recognised the value that ICFM can deliver through the Corporate Investor Programme and have joined at Affiliate level.

“We hope that many other businesses will clearly see the value for money benefits of membership and the training and learning opportunities available and then enrol their employees in the various courses and attend our events, whether that be the ICFM’s annual conference or its Masterclasses tackling key fleet decision-maker issues.

“Investment in ICFM adds credibility and value to businesses and their employees and provides an invaluable network of contacts and benefits.”