PRESS RELEASE: AFI To Purchase Low Noise Delivery Vehicles


AFI is making noise reduction a key requirement in future purchases ofvehicles that deliver its powered access machines to sites throughout the UK.

With 27 trucks due for replacement within the next 18 months and the option for some noise reduction retrofitting, 57% of the AFI fleet will consist of low noise vehicles by summer 2018.

AFI  Director Nick Higgins said: “AFI will specify low noise options on all new trucks,and weare aiming to operate the entire fleet with low noise engines as soon as it is reasonably practicable to do so. This is in addition to measures already taken such as anti-idle, power packs and audible alarm override which already significantly reduce noise pollution during loading/unloading, parking, servicing and wash down.”

“AFI is committed to operating the safest, most fuel efficient, low emission and low noise truck fleet possible and willcontinually strive to achieve this aim. Fuel usage is our biggest single source of emissions and this is why we carried out extensive trials to find the most fuel efficient vehicles. The new trucks are currently showing an 8% improvement in fuel efficiency.”

“When you also take into account features such as fold forward ramps to reduce drag and our driver performance systems, our new vehicles have reduced fuel consumption by approximately 18% compared to the vehicles that we ran a few years ago,” he added.

AFI currently has a fleet of 51 delivery vehicles and will be purchasing nine more shortly from Mercedes and DAF.The company has gained Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) Gold accreditation for its good working practices in the way it operates its transport fleet.