PRESS RELEASE: AFI Makes Further Investments In Its Delivery Vehicle Feet

AFI is making substantial investments in the fleet of vehicles that deliver its powered access machines to sites throughout the UK. The company recently purchased 18 new delivery vehicles and a further 27 will join the fleet during the next 18 months.

The recent additions are nine Mercedes tractor units, five Mercedes 26 ton trucks and four Daf 32 ton trucks.

AFI Director Nick Higgins said: “We recognise the importance of running not only the most modern and efficient transport fleet but also to achieve minimum impact on the environment. Fuel usage is our biggest single source of emissions and this is why carried out extensive trials to find the most fuel efficient vehicles. The new trucks are currently showing a 13.25% improvement in fuel efficiency.”

“When you also take into account features such as fold forward ramps to reduce drag and our driver performance systems, our new vehicles have reduced fuel consumption by approximately 20% compared to the vehicles that we ran a few years ago,” he added.