PRESS RELEASE: AFI Gains Constructionline Certification

AFI has been certified as a registered supplier with Constructionline, the UK’s leading procurement and supply chain management service.

The Constructionline scheme is designed to promote better buying practices and remove Pre-Qualification Questionnaire form (PQQ) duplication to save buyers and suppliers time and money.

To become a certified member, AFI had to demonstrate that it meets Constructionline’s rigorous assessment criteria covering aspects such as professional conduct, financial information, proof of insurances, previous experience and references.

The certification reassures buyers, from both public and private sector organisations, that AFI has been assessed in line with government and industry standards. The certification also allows AFI to fast-track stage one of the supplier assessment process for Constructionline buyers, so AFI now only needs to provide project-specific data.

Trisha Walton, AFI Bid Manager, said: “Joining Constructionline is a welcome endorsement of the professional service we deliver to our clients. We are already saving a considerable amount of time and money by not having to repeatedly fill out PQQ forms, which means we can concentrate on our customers and their needs.”

Members of Constructionline include all Councils, the NHS, and leading companies. Over 8,000 buyers and 25,000 suppliers are involved in the scheme.