PRESS RELEASE: ACFO Evolves Wit New Structure For 2018 As It Seeks To Boost Membership

ACFO, the UK’s premier fleet decision-makers’ organisation, is evolving with a series of changes designed to better inform existing members and recruit newcomers, while taking advantage of 21st century technology.

Founded more than 40 years ago with meetings and networking focused around nine regions of the UK, ACFO is to reduce to one region and introduce regional webinars in addition to continuing to hold its popular twice-a-year seminars on key issues.

Furthermore, as ACFO further evolves it will continue to:

  • Make its website - - and its online library of fleet policies, best practice procedures, fact sheets and white papers and question and answer forums available
  • Engage with other fleet and motor industry organisations and government departments and agencies on key issues to deliver the views of fleet decision-makers
  • Publish its weekly ‘Newsfeed’ containing the very latest ACFO and industry news
  • Hold its annual awards recognising the best fleet vehicles, initiatives and suppliers’ products and services.

ACFO chairman John Pryor said: “The fleet industry and the role of the fleet decision-maker continues to evolve and so must ACFO.

“Member feedback indicates that managers are quite prepared to attend a day-long seminar where they can obtain a wealth of comprehensive information on a major issue impacting on them, their organisation and their drivers and additionally quiz knowledgeable speakers and network with colleagues.


“Simultaneously, fleet decision-maker attendance at regional meetings that have already reduced to two a year has been shrinking. Employer demands placed on fleet decision-makers today, which increasingly sees them combine managing vehicles and drivers with a procurement, HR or finance role, means they are finding it difficult to make the time available to attend regional meetings.

“We believe that the new structure, which will see the twice-a-year regional meetings replaced by spring and autumn webinars to keep members up-to-date with the very latest ACFO, regulatory and legislative news, coupled with our seminar programme tackling agenda-topping issues will prove popular and less time consuming than travelling to attend regional meetings.

“As a result, we hope the development will act as a springboard to encourage employees with fleet management responsibility to join ACFO and take part in the webinars from their offices. Today’s technology enables fleet operators to interact and discuss key issues without the need to network in person at meetings, simultaneously having a positive environmental impact.”

ACFO’s six-strong board chaired by Mr Pryor will remain and the organisation is now asking for members to apply for the positions of regional chairman and regional secretary with their key role being to facilitate and chair the regional webinars which, if demand requires, could be held more frequently than the planned two a year.

Currently below the ACFO board is a 16-strong National Council - comprising the eight regional chairman and secretaries - which will be disbanded in the new structure. The regional chairman and secretary, who will be elected annually, will attend board meetings.

Mr Pryor continued: “The board’s workload continues to increase and that is reflective of a vibrant and forward-thinking organisation that is playing a major role in fleet-related decision-making at the highest level.


“We are frequently asked to provide - both formally and informally - views on a wide range of issues to government and its agencies, and we work with many other organisations on formulating responses pertaining to an array of fleet matters.

“ACFO is a members’ organisation, a conglomerate of best practice. ACFO punches above its weight and I hope that fleet decision-makers that are not members will join to help increase our voice.”

At the end of the twice-a-year national seminars ACFO is planning to hold member-only discussions forums to facilitate the discussion of key issues.

It is anticipated that ACFO’s new structure will take effect from 1st January, 2018.