PRESS RELEASE: AAM Group Looks To The Future With 20th Anniversary Reband As It Targets Further Expansion

AAM Group senior management team - Mark Thompson, rental services director, Jeremy Lavallin, chief executive, Catherine Werrett, chief financial officer, and Colin Mather, chief operating officer.

AAM Group is the new name for Alliance Asset Management with the rebrand reflecting both the comprehensive portfolio of vehicle and funding solutions offered and the organisation’s broad client base ranging from SMEs and large corporate fleets to education establishments, contract hire and leasing companies, rental operators and consumers.

The rebrand comes as the fast-growing Cambridgeshire-based company celebrates its 20th anniversary as one of the UK’s leading independent vehicle fleet solutions providers.

AAM Group provides bespoke business services to users of cars, commercials, HGVs and specialist vehicles including minibuses to institutes of learning. From a single day’s hire to a five-year lease and from asset finance to fleet consultancy, the rebrand reflects the organisation’s presence in a growing number of markets and a focus on cross-selling its vehicle solutions to customers.

AAM Group has five core brands operating in different market sectors:

  • Alliance Rental - short, medium and long term rental solutions for businesses ranging from SMEs to major corporates
  • Alliance Leasing - contract hire, contract purchase and finance options for businesses operating all sizes of fleet
  • Alliance Fleetcentre - supplying funding and vehicles to rental operators and accident management companies
  • Education Vehicle Alliance - minibus leasing and sales to schools, universities and academies
  • BestCarFinder and BestVanFinder - personal leasing and purchase options for consumers and sole traders


The company was founded in 1997 by chief executive Jeremy Lavallin, who has driven its expansion into a multi-faceted business solutions company, delivering tens of thousands of vehicles each year.

The senior management team also includes Colin Mather, chief operating officer, Catherine Werrett, chief financial officer, and Mark Thompson, rental services director, and together the quartet lead a company that has:

  • Seen staff numbers increase by 50% in the last three years
  • Opened a new sales office in 2016 in Romford, Essex, to focus on growing local business and personal leasing markets
  • Recorded business growth in the three years to the end of 2016 resulting in a 93% increase in turnover, which has delivered a £2 million rise in pre-tax profits
  • Reported a 23% increase in business volume through Alliance Rental
  • Seen a threefold increase in the number of funded vehicles to rental companies through Alliance Fleetcentre and a 38% rise in the number of funded vehicles delivered to SMEs and consumers.

Today AAM Group funds more than £85 million worth of vehicles.

Mr Lavallin said: “AAM Group is a vehicle solutions provider to businesses operating from one to many thousands of vehicles, as well as to private consumers and small businesses. With exceptional customer retention, AAM Group works closely with customers to save time, money and the administrative burden relating to vehicle fleets and delivers the best deal for consumers and sole traders.

“The rebranding to AAM Group better highlights the markets the company operates in through its different brands and will enable the company to increase the cross-selling of vehicle and funding solutions to customers.


“AAM Group has seen significant growth in recent years and is ambitious to expand further. The business will grow organically as the company increases its penetration across the sectors in which its five core brands operate.”

He added: “AAM Group has a loyal customer base and our staff retention is first class. Taken together that has enabled the company to develop mutually rewarding relationships across the automotive and financial services sectors.

“While many leasing and rental companies are increasingly systems reliant, AAM Group prides itself on employing a team of experienced fleet professionals to deliver solutions that best meet customers’ requirements. Many clients are fixated by head-line price, whereas AAM Group is focused on managing their overall expenditure. AAM Group is a business that is built on service, but is growing by reputation.”