Phishing Email Warning to HAE EHA Members!

There is a phishing email currently in circulation that claims to be from the City of London Police. The departments that it claims to represent include the ‘Fraud Intelligence Unit’ and the ‘National Fraud Intelligence Bureau’.

The email is titled ‘compensation fund’ and has a letter attachment that claims to be offering financial compensation to victims of fraud. The letter uses the City of London Police logo.

The letter states that in order for compensation to be arranged, the receiver of the email should reply disclosing personal information. It states that HSBC and the South African Reserve Bank have been chosen to handle the compensation claims. All of these claims are false.

The email and letter are fraudulent and should not be replied to and should be deleted.

For further information on this email and for some useful advice on dealing with this type of cyber-crime you can read these documents below.

Please be sure to inform your local police of any fraudulent activity encountered by you or your businesses.