News Item: Working Safely and Remotely with Niftylink

With new social distancing and safety measures in place due to COVID-19, businesses need to find new ways to manage and maintain their machines. Niftylink offers a powerful solution to this challenge and it’s also available as a retrofit.

Now more than ever, there is a need for a smarter more efficient approach to managing our fleets, processes and services so that we can continue to support each other while adhering to the new safety measures being introduced due to COVID-19. Niftylink, our powerful telematics tool, allows rental company owners, fleet managers and service technicians to do just that.

Here’s how you can keep yourself, your staff and your customers safe whilst getting the most out of your machines with Niftylink:

Remotely Diagnose and Resolve Issues
Niftylink remotely diagnoses user issues and identifies key warning signs of potential machine breakdowns, meaning you can easily manage your fleet from
the office, home, or on the go. Working in real-time, you will know if there is an issue as it happens.

Niftylink gives you all the information you need; what the issue is, what caused it, and how to resolve it. Having this information in the palm of your hand means you aren’t reliant on potentially unreliable user-information and you can ensure that your Service Technicians are sent to site with the correct tools, every time. Armed with accurate information, you may find that you are able to resolve the issue remotely, reducing the number of call-outs and increasing time-to-resolution, allowing you work as safely and efficiently as possible during this challenging time.

Know the Exact Location of Your Niftylift
As well as reducing your number of call-outs, Niftylink, using GPS tracking, identifies the exact locations of your Niftylifts. When an on-site repair is necessary, knowing the exact location of your machine will reduce travel-time and pinpointing the on-site location allows you to go directly to that machine, limiting unnecessary interactions and ensuring your safety and that of others.

Provided with the real-time location of your machines, you can track every machine movement remotely. You will know exactly where your machines are,
where they’ve been, and if they are on the move!


Work Smarter, Not Harder
There is no more pressing time than now to digitally transform your fleet and processes. Niftylink helps streamline operations by digitising servicing, billing and maintenance processes so you can work smarter, safer and more efficiently.

Setting up alarms and smart notifications on maintenance and machine-damage will allow you to perform pre-emptive maintenance and prioritise critical faults, helping avoid unforeseen costs while keeping your customers happy.

Now is the perfect time to take advantage of Niftylink and the data insights it can provide on your fleet.

Retrofit Niftylink
If your Niftylifts are not already fitted with Niftylink, or if you’d like to add it to more of your fleet, you can easily Retrofit Niftylink. Installation is quick and simple, and can easily be done under the current circumstances, with all safety measures in place.

Find out more about retrofitting your machines and getting the most out of Niftylink by contacting their Service team:

Tel: +44 1908 857899