News Item: UK Weddings Template Letter to MPs for ARG Funding

The UK Wedding Taskforce understands from industry feedback that being able to get Additional Restricted Grants (ARG) has been difficult, if not impossible for many in the industry. Having had lengthy conversations with Ministers about this funding, the message has been very clear, the wedding industry is entitled to this funding and we should do all we can to apply and if declined or find the Grant is closed, we should contact our MPs.  

If you find that your Local Authority has closed applications then you should contact your MP, no ARG should be closed as there is more money available to them once the first amount has been spent.  

In order to make this process an easier one for you, we have a template letter below that you can use to explain to your MP why you are struggling to get this money and how it has impacted your business.  

You can find out how to contact your MP here.

Click Here for the Letter Template