News Item: Top Service Ltd Celebrating 30 Years Supporting the Construction Industry

On the 26th February 2021 Top Service Ltd marked 30 years of trading in support of the construction industry. Redditch based firm, Top Service is the 'only credit reference and debt collection agency' aimed specifically at the construction sector. Founders Lisa Cardus and Kevin Halligan started the company in 1991 with one mission to become 'the credit reference and collections company of choice for the UK construction sector'. Three decades on and their business growth has been unprecedented starting with just two individuals to today's 40 strong team with more than 3500 members.

As the nation prepares for the easing of lockdown restrictions, the construction industry has continued to make positive progress. For 30 years Top Service has remained constant in support of the sector and has been an invaluable source of support for its members during the pandemic. Now boasting the use of cutting-edge credit management technology, Top Service provides its members with the most up-to date and accurate trading data which has never been more important in the wake of the worst economic challenge in decades.

Lisa Cardus Founding Director says: "Construction is a lengthy process, involving many layers of providers. People need to know that their business partners are financially stable - nobody wants a project going under halfway through completion especially when many businesses have been severely impacted by the pandemic. We've seen many changes over the last 30 years but the one thing that will never change is the gratitude and care we have for our customers and the service we provide. We're proud of how far we have come, and how many businesses we have supported over the years. So much of this is because of our customer loyalty and support, to whom we are eternally grateful."

What Top Service Ltd Customers Say
Martyn Rees of County Building Supplies is one of the first customers to have joined Top Service Ltd having subscribed to their services since 1991, Martyn says: "I've been with Top Service from the start, their determination and professionalism has resolved some of the most difficult debts. Top Service has a good reputation within the construction industry and provides excellent customer service, I recommend them highly."

Future Plans
As the recognised 'go to' company for all aspects of credit information, credit control and debt collection within the construction industry, Top Service has great plans for the future, including continued growth without compromising customer service.

Lisa Cardus goes on to say: "30 years is a long time. Top Service started in an old damp building with one typewriter, one photocopier, one landline phone and a fax machine in 1991, at the height of a recession. Three decades ago, the market was very different and the technology too. Telephoning the office when out on the road involved finding a working phone box and having plenty of change. Everything was recorded on paper and stored in index boxes, lever arch files or filing cabinets. In those days most businesses paid either by cash or cheque and "the cheque must be lost in the post" was a common excuse for late payment. We have come a long way since then and we're so excited for what's still to come. We look forward to many more years developing new services designed to help the construction industry support and protect their business."

In celebration of 30 years in business Top Service Ltd are offering a 30-day FREE trial
The 30-day trial is completely commitment free. Customers will have access to an unlimited amount of credit checks and 3 chasing letters as part of the trial. During the trial customers will also have full and unlimited access to the customer service team who are on hand to provide any support required.

To take advantage of this offer customers are requested to register online and complete a short form. The offer is valid until 31st March 2021.