News Item: Tool Theft Bill Introduced in Parliament

The Tool Theft (Prevention) Bill was introduced in Parliament on Tuesday 27th April, and will see further development over the coming days. The bill aims to make it a legal requirement for tools and equipment sold at auction and 'online marketplaces' to be registered.

MP Greg Smith spoke about the impact of tool theft in his Buckingham constituency where tradespeople and small businesses had lost equipment to a degree which almost cost them their livelihoods. HAE EHA also briefed Mr Smith about the impact the theft of equipment was having nationally on the hire sector.

The Bill stands little chance of becoming law but it does highlight the issues and the need for regulation, and a minister is due to respond in the House of Commons.

Greg Smith's speech on tool theft given during the debate can be viewed here.

You can also read the Hansard report covering the same debate by clicking here.