News Item: The First Woman to Achieve a Highly Specialised Industry Qualification

The Preparation Group is committed to improving standards and producing high quality products, solutions and services is proud to announce that Jessica Wells is the first female to achieve NVQ Level 2 in Specialist Concrete Occupations (Construction) - Substrate Preparation and Profiling.

The Company recognises that investment in our team is the key factor to drive the business forward, to learn through accredited training provides a recognised career path for our employees. Jess started her employment with The Preparation Group in October 2018, moving from the Care Industry.

Jess said: "I enjoy journeying around the country with the people I work with, there is never a dull moment. I am onsite with guys using high tech machinery, I thought working on site might be intimidating, but if you are interested in learning, people will show you how to do things right, help and support you. Go for it, it is entirely down to you. My goal is to be a site manager to mentor and train more females. It doesn’t matter if you are male or female you need to love what you do to deliver results."

However, Jess has run up against issues faced by women working in a sector dominated by men, such as a lack of suitable personal protective equipment (PPE) and work clothing, and even a recent site not having women’s welfare facilities or female toilets.

Jess was assessed by Ferfa (The Resin Flooring Association) Appointed Assessor Mr Jack Longdon, with over 49 years of industry expertise, appointed by Ferfa in 2018.

Jack confirmed that Jess was the first female to be assessed and that she handled the largest equipment with ease and expertise, demonstrating ability and determination to get the job done right.

Jack said: "With the UK having one of the lowest percentages of female professionals in the Construction Industry, Jess is an inspiration, and we hope to encourage more females to train and benefit from the carer opportunities that the Surface Preparation, Polishing and Resin Flooring industry offers. There is no difference between male and female in terms of skills, expertise and added value to the industry and respective companies".

Managing Director Tracey Glew said: "Jess has worked extremely hard to achieve her goals, we are proud of her achievement and will support her to achieve her future ambitions".

The industry has changed a lot since The Preparation Group started 30 years ago, there is considerably more awareness in the importance of investment in training, recognition of achievements and rewarding for achieving qualifications.