News Item: Sunbelt Rentals Invest £12million in Trime Lighting Towers

Trime UK Limited, the leading UK supplier of sustainable LED lighting towers, has secured an order for over one thousand eco-centred tower lights from the UK rental giant, Sunbelt Rentals.

The order is comprised of Trime's X-ECO LED, X-HYBRID, X-SOLAR HYBRID and X-SOLAR lighting towers.

The X-ECO LED is a popular diesel powered unit and the X-HYBRID utilises a battery/engine system. The X-SOLAR HYBRID is a combination of Solar and engine power that runs for 3,000 hours before refuelling and the X-SOLAR sets are entirely diesel and noise free. Each set features a 9-metre vertical mast and energy saving LED lamps.

Sunbelt Rentals and Trime UK began trialling these lighting sets in close co-operation with two major construction organisations for several months. With sustainability at the core of these trials, Trime was pleased to receive positive feedback in relation to reduced fuel consumption and low carbon
emissions, without compromising lighting levels.

Ray Caulfield, the Trime Group CEO, said, "Our mission is to design and build quality, low and emission free, lighting sets for the worldwide rental markets. To have our Lighting Towers endorsed by Sunbelt Rentals and their clients is a true endorsement of our products."

The value of the order placed was £12m.