News Item: Stop Plant Theft Dead in its Tracks!

Your plant and machinery is essential to the running of your day to day business, however equipment theft is on the rise. Recent research by industry experts finds that plant theft has risen by over 50% since 2013. Annual costs relating to stolen equipment has now reached over £70 Million.

Here are some ways to help combat theft:

  1. Implement GPS tracking and immobilisers on plant equipment and site assets. There are live solutions enabling sites to protect their assets and immobilisation systems to stop thefts occurring in the first instance.
  2. Implement site security by installing controlled entry and exits to sites. Employ site guards and utilise CCTV to enhance security.
  3. Mark your machinery with unique identifiers such as distinct permanent colours or codes.

So-Trak Ltd. is a specialist provider of security tracking, remote access and tailored services that are untouchable by its competitors. Their services are specifically designed to protect your fleet and enhance the day to day running of businesses across the UK.

The team at So-Trak understands the importance of servicing, maintenance and seeing data of machinery usage. The So-Trak solution will give you valuable data and insights to drive value in to the day to day running of your hire business.

Key Features

  • Live tracking within 5 metres
  • Remotely immobilise machinery via touch of a button
  • Alerts and instant notifications
  • Geofence machinery on sites

To find out more visit the So-Trak website. You can also contact the team by email at, or phone 0113 251 5030.