News Item: Start Fighting Dust with Trime's X-DUST FIGHTER - Portable Site Dust Suppression

Following on from the successful launch of the environmentally sound, X-SPLASH and X-BOOT site cleaning systems, Trime UK have completed the development of another water-centred product – the X-DUST FIGHTER.

The X-DUST FIGHTER is designed to provide workers with safe protection from airborne contaminates in concentrated areas, helping to deliver a healthier atmosphere in which to complete their duties. The X-DUST FIGHTER produces a fine spray of water through a series of high-pressure jets; the mist is then propelled onto the site by a powerful fan, rendering the area free from unhealthy and hazardous material. The X-DUST FIGHTER is ideally suited for both outdoor and indoor applications.

Similar in size to a small cement mixer, the Trime X-DUSTFIGHTER is highly portable and can easily be positioned to maximise its effectiveness. An operator simply connects the X-DUST FIGHTER to a constant water source and an 110v electricity supply and the machine is ready to work.

The X-DUST FIGHTER will cover to 15 metres. The emitted nebulised water particles are designed to measure a tiny 40–120 micron diameter. This means that they mix with any airborne dust particles of similar dimensions and force them to the ground.

Trime UK’s research suggests that the X-DUST FIGHTER will become an essential health and safety component with trades such as builders, landscapers, light demolition contractors and recycling agencies. It is also an ideal product for inclusion into a rental fleet.

Commenting on this latest innovation from Trime, Paul Hay, managing director said, “The X-SPLASH has already been a great success and the interest we have received about the X-BOOT is very encouraging, so we fully expect the X-DUST FIGHTER to be an equal success.”

Not only do these products help to improve the standards of safety on site, but they also contribute to an overall improvement of efficiency at work, whilst helping to reduce overall water usage,” added Paul.

Trime UK Limited designs, develops and distributes a range of sustainable equipment for the UK construction, rental and events markets. Trime UK is headquartered in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire; their manufacturing plant is based near Milan, Italy.