News Item: Skills Pledge Update

HAE EHA recently announced a unified campaign 'The Skills Pledge' to support members secure a skilled workforce for the hire, rental and events industry. A key part of the campaign is to raise awareness and inform people of the growing construction / event hire industry to encourage people to consider a career in an area of the economy that has many opportunities.

The Skills Pledge seeks to assist and strengthen a safe, productive and profitable industry by creating a skilled and diverse workforce. To do this we need to work together to improve opportunities for all including young people and career changers and look further afield for new recruits. The campaign also aims to support the retention of people within the sector once they join an organisation and develop the skills needed to support sustainable businesses, rather than just the regular movement of people among employers.

Paul Gaze said " We are delighted with the number of our members who have come forward to sign the pledge and commit to supporting the industry. We will be building on these links and are seeking additional people to join our working group. Joining the steering group will not be a major commitment and we will utilise technology rather than just multiple face to face meetings. We will be confirming dates early in the new year for the next three meetings.

If you have not already done so, please forward nominations for steering group, and for further information please contact HAE EHA Commercial Manager Paul Gaze on 0121 3804609 / 07718 801327 or