News Item: SafeHire Audits Back to 2019 Levels

Since the government announced the Covid-19 Roadmap for easing lockdown restrictions, HAE EHA's Certification Services team has been working hard to support the safe return of SafeHire audits.

On April 12th, face-to-face audits were able to resume again and since then the team has successfully stepped up on-site audit bookings to levels not previously achieved since March 2019. Carl Bartlett, Director of Certification Services says "The introduction of Katherine to the SafeHire Team at the end of March this year has been of great benefit, bringing her customer focussed and quick learning skills to support the processes.

"Whilst the economic infrastructure becomes more active, and as confidence appears to be growing, we recognise that we all must continue to follow COVID-Secure control measures to protect colleagues and customers, and the Safehire Certification Audit Team will continue to support HAE EHA members in achieving this".

If you would like more information or would like to book a SafeHire Audit, please contact the team on 0121 380 4613 or email