News Item: Rental Software Specialist, MCS, Experiences Remarkable Growth in 2019

MCS Rental Software announces a 100% growth in revenue compared to its previous year, with significant sales in its new regions including Germany and Eastern Europe, seeing some big names in the rental market take on the hire software solution.

The rental software provider now has strategic operations in France, Germany, Benelux and Scandinavia as well as reseller partners in South Africa and Australia, which continue to thrive. In line with its further reach into Europe, MCS Rental Software has now grown its dedicated regional staff with multi-lingual helpdesk and customer success teams. With these additional resources, projects are managed with ease and its customers are fully supported in all corners of the globe.

Nick Thomson, Sales Director at MCS explains, "In the last year, we have supported a number of new and existing customers in taking advantage of new technologies to help them exceed their goals. Our 100% growth has been a direct reflection of the success of our customers since using the MCS software. It's exciting to be seeing more rental companies adopting MCS-rm in new regions and we're looking forward to what 2020 brings."

Founded in 1983, MCS Rental Software was established with the vision of empowering growth in the rental market worldwide, helping rental companies
achieve their goals. In the face of a modernising and advancing rental sphere, it has continued its mission with the development of new technology including
enhanced mobile apps supporting paperless working and sophisticated solutions to make a day in the life of a rental company as simple as possible.

Its recent growth in Germany has led the rental software supplier to open its latest office based in Düsseldorf, becoming an increasingly recognised brand in the region.