News Item: Reminder to Submit CITB NI Levy Return Form

The deadline for construction employers to complete and submit their CITB NI 2021 Levy Return Form is fast approaching. CITB NI requires an Annual Return from all construction employers in Northern Ireland. It is a legal requirement that they gather this information and that employers provide it. 

To help employers gather the information in time, the CITB NI has extended the window for returns to be made.  As the information they require is an extract of a company’s year end accounts, the CITB NI now accepts the returns from April through to the end of August (5 months).  

The deadline this year is 5pm on Friday 31st August. CITB NI requires either on-line returns to be recorded on the website or received within the office by hand or post by this time. You can register your annual return here

Please email if you have any queries regarding the completion of the Return form or should you wish to confirm receipt once submitted.