News Item: Reminder to Pay ICO Protection Fee

In October 2020 the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) contacted HAE EHA to remind members of their legal responsibility to register with the ICO and pay the data protection fee.

Last week the ICO informed HAE EHA that some companies still aren’t registered and therefore may face a fine. If you hold customers' names, personal addresses or  personal phone numbers, you are processing personal information and may need to pay. There are few situations where you would be exempt, however, you can check ICO’s fee checker

The data protection fee funds the ICO's work, but also impacts business reputation. Paying the fee, and therefore being listed on ICO's register of payers shows that your business takes data protection seriously. 

The ICO has received a number of questions and in response have created a webpage providing further information and a FAQs page on data sharing and security.