News Item: Red Diesel Consultation - Make Your Views Heard

Make your views heard as Red diesel will not be permitted for use in construction beyond 1st April 2022 unless government proposals alter. There are also implications for Registered Dealers in Controlled Oils. HAE is coordinating an overall response from members but we only have until 1st October 2020 to respond to the consultation. Please send any comments to Mark Bradshaw by 18th September 2020 who will then circulate a final draft response, but, to date, no member comments have been received.

HAE took part in a recent Treasury/HMRC online briefing regarding the proposed changes on red diesel which will be outlined in a roundtable discussion between officials and trade associations taking place on 3rd September. HAE has two places for member representatives to take part, so please contact Mark if interested in putting your name forward. The consultation document can be found here.