News Item: Raising Awareness for Occupational Lung Disease in Construction


Last October HSE ran a construction health inspection initiative. This focused on lung disease, particularly those caused by asbestos and dust. HSE would like to thank those who were able to help to support this.

This year, HSE will be running this initiative again between 17th June and 12th July 2019. During this period HSE inspectors will be looking to ensure those involved with construction projects are following our key messages ‘know the risks’, ‘plan your work’, and ‘use the right controls’.

The communications activity will start on 10th June and continue throughout the initiative period. We would really appreciate help during that period to help promote this in the following ways:

  • Via social media. We have produced a resource pack to use as part of this and using the #WorkRight and #Dustbuster
  • Issuing your own press notice / article in support of the key messages and promoting good practice
  • Linking in with any relevant events already planned such as meetings or presentations

You can view the resource pack by clicking here. This page will be added to and updated throughout the campaign, with new photos and videos to use to promote better management of health risks created by dust.

If this is something that you would like to participate in please can you email  by clicking here (deadline 31st June)

Please email the contact details for the person it would be best to liaise with and an indication of which of the areas above, or additional ones, that you could help with.