News Item: Over 100,000 Unemployed Young Careers Boosted by Kickstart Scheme

The government’s Kickstart Scheme, announced in September 2020, is a UK-wide initiative to support unemployed young people aged 16-24 by providing funding to employers to create 6-month job placements. 

The scheme helps young people develop new skills, build confidence, and get a crucial first step in their career, and this month the Kickstart Scheme has hit a major milestone, creating over 100,000 jobs. More information on the latest figures can be viewed here

Figures released by the Office for National Statistics show the success of the scheme, with an increase in the number of people now on the payroll (over 29 million), and unemployment falling to 4.3%. 

This achievement coincides with employers having one month left to apply for new Kickstart positions. More information about the Kickstart Scheme can be found here.

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