News Item: Norton Clipper Launches New Range of Blades for Multiple Applications

In a first from Norton Clipper, and possibly the most significant update to the brand's portfolio in over a decade, the historic Norton Clipper range has broken new ground with movement into four new application sectors:

  • Wood and composites: Built for power, precision and durability, these tools encompass solutions for hard and soft wood, wooden panels, OSB, MDF, and HDF.
  • Multi-materials: These blades are designed to cut construction timbers, pallets, nails and non-ferrous metals, without damage to the blade itself.
  • Veneer and laminates: Whether cutting melamine faced boards, plywood, laminated panels or sheets of HPL, this range has a professional blade to suit.
  • Aluminium: This is Norton Clipper's specialist range of blades, suited to cutting aluminium, brass, and copper.

Renowned as the cutting product of choice in the construction and building industries, Norton Clipper's Diamond Blade range is a long-time customer favourite and these new additions are set to boost stockists' sales throughout the year.

Offering value for money and top- quality performance, the new blades are designed with the professional, the hobbyist and the DIYer in mind.

Comprising of Tungsten Carbide Tipped (TCT) circular saw blades, hole saws, jigsaw blades, reciprocating saw blades and planer blades; the Norton Clipper range is now suitable to an even wider variety of processing requirements - meaning more sales opportunities for distributors.

To help stockists easily advise on the correct blade for a customer's job, packaging is colour coded in order to help identify which materials it can be used for, as follows:

  • Light Blue: Wood and Composites
  • Purple: Multi-materials
  • Yellow: Veneer and Laminates
  • Dark Grey: Aluminium

Norton Clipper has channelled over 80 years' of expertise to design and manufacture each blade in the range, resulting in products that provide optimum performance and value for users.

Adrian Hough, Country Manager at Saint-Gobain Abrasives comments: "We are very excited to be entering into these new sectors and applications. This is a progression which was very much driven by customer demand, and one which will continue the legacy of high quality and durability attached to the Norton Clipper brand.

"Suitable for all kinds of cutting machinery, this new range of blades provides the opportunity to optimise sales for both sellers and merchants. The optimised gullet shape, featured on the circular saw blades, ensures a reduction in blade vibration - not only offering a more precise cut for users, but also reducing wear and tear to machinery.

"We therefore expect high demand from both end-users and distributors alike, boosting sales throughout the year."

For more information on the new Norton Clipper Blades, visit, or contact Saint-Gobain Abrasives UK on 01785 279553 or for more details, pricing, or to become a stockist.