News Item: New Rules on What Can and Cannot Happen at Meetings and Events

On the 14th December 2020 the Government updated its guidance in regard to business events and meetings. These are both a tightening of certain rules but also facilitate a measured return to sustainable business events. These can include B2B and or B2C engagements however, staff meetings and social gatherings are still to be discouraged unless absolutely essential.

The changes include:

  • social events permitted as long as Covid-secure guidance is strictly upheld
  • organisers must source an appropriate venue
  • events for work or training no longer capped on numbers

Events organised primarily for social gathering are not to be permitted; drinks after work or festive get-togethers are not in line with current regulations. When organising business events these must not include receptions or private dining. Organisers are urged to limit the sale of alcoholic drinks, and guests must wear face coverings. Contravening these rules could mean participants, organisers and venues will face fines.

People attending an event as part of their work and those staffing corporate gatherings are not subject to the rule of 6 in Tier 1 or the single household rule in Tier 2. Attendees at larger events should, where possible, go alone (or in pairs/very small numbers) and avoid mixing with other social groups. Ultimately attendees must remain socially distant at all times.

Summary of tiers and event rules

  • Tier 1 (Medium) - capped at 50% of venue capacity or 4,000 people outdoors / 1,000 people indoors (whichever is lower), not including venue staff
  • Tier 2 (High) - capped at 50% of venue capacity or 2,000 people outdoors / 1,000 people indoors (whichever is lower), not including venue staff
  • Tier 3 (Very High) - small meetings of no more than 30 and only where proceedings can't be completed remotely. Large business events i.e. exhibitions, trade shows are not permitted, unless drive-in events

There's some useful guidance and further reading for those organising small and large events, take a look at the links below: