News Item: More Niftylifts for Ramirent

Ramirent Finland adds to it's growing fleet of 'Green Machines'

The positive reception to Niftylift's 28m Hybrid MEWP, the HR28, has convinced Ramirent Finland to invest in more Niftylifts!

New additions to the RamiGreen fleet are:

  • Niftylift HR17 Hybrid, 1 unit
  • Niftylift HR21 Hybrid, 1 unit
  • Niftylift SD120T Bi-Energy, 1 unit
  • Niftylift HR12NE, Battery, 1 unit

Juho Perälä of Ramirent Finland commented: "We have had the first two Niftys almost one year now and we haven't had any fault operations with those. Lifts are very sturdy and reliable with good movements. There is more and more demand from the customers for fully electric and hybrid machines. Demand will grow with the new low-emission construction sites and through Green deals which bigger cities have now signed.

"Delivery times for the machines have been quite fast and we receive the machines rental-ready from the JS-Multi Service. We have also received good service and training support from Sami's team.

"Ramirent Finland is aiming to have 90% of its aerial lift fleet be electric, battery or hybrid-powered by 2025 as part of its RamiGreen strategy. Other products in the eco fleet are compact loaders, fork trucks and lighting towers."

Sami Tainio of JS-Multi Service, Niftylift's dealer in Finland, added: "We are glad that the Niftylift machines have got a good feedback from our customers. Machines have worked well, and we have got zero fault operations calls from our customers. Machine's better efficiency and power recovery features, enable longer working time and shorter charging time with the whole range of Niftylifts. Machines are equipped in consideration that machines will also work in cold conditions. Machines are equipped with motor heaters, chargers and with good covers for controllers etc. This equipping is very important when working in cold conditions around Finland."