News Item: MCS Cloud Rental Software Gives Hire Companies an Extra Layer of Cyber-security

Equipment rental software specialist MCS offers its customers a simple way to protect their businesses from cyber threats by using MCS cloud-based rental software solutions. Cybersecurity covers many business areas, from simple password updates and access rights management, to firewalls and system upgrades. Rental software provider, MCS, takes on the burden of maintaining and managing hire businesses systems using MCS Cloud.

By adopting the MCS Cloud solution, rental companies can take advantage of having a secure Crowdstrike firewall in place that will protect their business from malicious attacks where intruders could steal, change, or destroy a company's important business data or information. Brian Francis, MCS Technical Director, explains, 

"As a rental software supplier, we are always working to the highest standards to ensure our firewall is up-to-date and keeping our clients' data safe. Working in technology, we see many instances where without the proper firewalls in place, disaster can strike, and businesses can struggle to get back up and running again. We offer our Cloud customers peace of mind that we will always make sure their data is safe from harm and they will be protected against Intrusion, Zero Day threats, Botnet detection and more."

Other precautions taken by the rental software supplier include an offsite database replication in a second location and daily backup processes. Looking after business data means also ensuring that if something happens to the building or a threat puts one of the data centres at risk, all data will still be safe and accessible. Brian continues, 

"We often consider our offsite data back-ups as more of a cyber than a physical threat, but more frequently now, physical cyber-attacks are possible because of the more modern and technical nature of building security. Ensuring that data is not vulnerable in its physical location is key to having failsafe cyber-secure measures. A secondary data centre and daily offline back-ups mean that our customer data is as safe as possible."

As well as firewalls and data back-ups, ensuring that a business' operating system is always up to date is vital. Windows will often release updates that keep up with new technologies and new versions that fix vulnerabilities. The benefit of using a Cloud solution is that these updates are rolled out without the end-user doing anything. Brian concludes,

"As soon as Windows issue any updates or patches, our technical team makes it a priority to apply it to our servers as soon as possible. This means that our customers' software packages will always be able to perform at their best. We are also Microsoft Gold Partners, which means that we can take advantage of expert tools, advice, and new technologies so that we can ensure we are always keeping up with the changing technological landscape."

With dedicated teams that keep their users safe and their software secure, Rental software provider MCS offers MCS Cloud to its customers taking care of all of their IT needs, letting hirers spend more time doing business.