News Item: Majority Conservative Government In Place After UK General Election

Last Friday's General Election resulted in a considerable 80-seat parliamentary majority for the Conservative Party which now means there is a 'Queen’s Speech' tomorrow to set out the legislative agenda for the government. This is likely to be dominated by measures to enact the UK's exit from the European Union (EU) by 31st January 2020.

HAE EHA, working with partner associations, will keep our guidance to members updated as more developments take place and negotiations over the UK's future relationship with the EU and international trade agreements will take place over the longer term.

There has been a minor reshuffle affecting two cabinet posts and a small number of junior ministerial posts, but a more substantive reshaping of the government affecting ministers and departments is expected by next Spring, as will be the Budget (postponed from November).

There are a large number of new MPs and we will be identifying those with an interest in our sector and related parts of the economy. It would helpful if members with any direct contact with MPs and peers would let us know as we want to target briefings. Please contact mark Bradshaw in Policy and Public Affairs on 0121 380 4621 or