News Item: inspHire to Launch New Operated Plant Functionality

Tackling one of the industry’s greatest challenges, inspHire is thrilled to announce the launch of its new and improved Operated Plant module which delivers a full end to end digital process for complex resource-based scheduling and timesheet driven activities. Businesses will be excited by the ease in which they can assign their trained operators to machines, quickly cross-referencing availability against the competencies needed to carry out a job. This transformed functionality works wonders in ensuring that jobs are carried out effortlessly from start to finish, providing on-site employees with the ability to capture both productive and non-productive time whilst on-site through their mobile phones, prior to obtaining sign-off to help reduce invoice queries.

inspHire’s Operated Plant Specialist and New Business Manager, Dane Evans says, We’ve worked hard alongside leading experts in the Operated Plant, Powered Access and Crane industries to release our brand-new resource planning module. Guaranteeing all the necessary features are under-the-hood of one system, we wanted to give businesses the ability to better manage resource, operators, shifts and schedules. Customer feedback has been pivotal in the development process.

With the introduction of a new easy to use, graphical resource scheduling screen assigning operators to equipment, both employees and subcontractors, has never been simpler. Drag and drop functionality allows inspHire users to plan and allocate both the correct equipment and suitable operator to a job.

Included in the operator’s information will be the cards, licences and certificates they hold, ensuring that any individual or team allocated to equipment is legally permitted to operate it, and have the skills required to complete the job successfully. You can also specify shift patterns during the schedule planning process, making it easy to see when operators have been working, when they’re next available and the gap in-between shifts.

In addition to operator assigning, timesheet entry has also been completely digitised within inspHire Mobile. The once tedious task of completing paper-based timesheets and Excel Spreadsheets is no more. Operators can now log their hours through the use of inspHire Mobile and to confirm the authenticity of the timesheet, a site foreman can then sign it digitally. Once done users can instantly transfer the data over to the office for review where the authentication can take place and invoices be created faster. Each of these features were created with the aim to greatly improve the efficiency of this process and alleviate hassle for the end user, of which both your accounts team and operators will be thankful for.

Mark Taylor continues to say “Digitalising the timesheet process is hugely beneficial for hire businesses. The transferral of data between operator and hire desk staff becomes instantaneousleading to improved operational efficiencies and an increase in cashflow.”