News Item: Hire Industry Skills Pledge - Working Together for the Benefit of our Industry's Future

HAE EHA is committed to promoting hire as an attractive career choice for new entrants to the hire sector, and in supporting our members by offering tailored training and skills development.

At recent meetings with hire sector leaders, the difficulties the sector is experiencing with recruiting and retaining motivated, strongly-performing colleagues was highlighted. In response to the issue HAE EHA has prepared a ‘Skills Pledge’, which is designed to meet the above objectives.

The pledge is intended to provide practical support for members, and to focus activity around recruitment and retention in cooperation with key partners such as CITB, DWP and BuildUK.

Along with the continued development of training provision to provide an attractive Career Plan for new entrants and existing colleagues alike, HAE EHA needs the help of all of its members to work together for the future of our industry.

The HAE EHA Skills Pledge includes the following commitments:

  • Implementation of a working group including subject matter experts across the industry
  • Design an outline campaign to bring the industry together
  • Wide range of promotional activities including advertising, video, YouTube, website, social media
  • Appointment of Industry Ambassadors nationwide
  • Promote “attractive jobs elements” to inspire and match candidate interests
  • Gain commitment from all  members to support and provide nationwide coverage
  • Work in partnership with DWP and Schools and Colleges (HAE’s Career Path).
  • Engage with Build UK’s Open Doors Initiative to create  ‘Equipment Hire’ focus
  • Develop a clearinghouse for prospective candidates interested in joining the sector
  • Improve awareness and use of FREE HAE EHA Career/Job site as a campaign Hub
  • Access funding streams and resources to support the campaign
  • Present career and training opportunities (Apprenticeship to Degree) available - HAE EHA’s new Career path supports both  vocational training and academic options

 The Pledge was eagerly signed by all those present who immediately recognised the strength in working together, and committed their full support in achieving the aims of the pledge. Following the meeting we have had a continuous stream of enquiries to sign up too.

All our members are encouraged to get involved by signing the Skills Pledge and help us to ensure that our industry continues to have a bright well resourced future. For more information contact Paul Gaze,