News Item: HAE Partners with Major Construction Body to Tackle Net Zero

HAE has signed up as a partner to the Construction Leadership Council's CO2nstructZero campaign which aims to bring together key people across construction and all related industries including equipment hire to work as a collective to develop plans of action to achieve Net Zero.

CO2nstructZero was conceived after the Government released the Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution, and it aims to drive change by pushing innovation and engaging all parts of the sector to come forward with solutions, setting realistic goals in the process. The ultimate aim to achieve Net Zero by 2050.

The 6th Carbon budget outlined by the Climate Change Committee was used to devise the action plan and set priorities. Click here to find out more.

HAE has recently formed a Net Zero Panel, there are spaces available and members are encouraged to participate. If you'd like to join or you have any questions please contact Mark Bradshaw on 0121 380 4621.