News Item: HAE EHA to Create New Forum on Climate Change and Net Zero

HAE EHA is creating a new members forum to advise on and discuss the latest developments and trends in relation to Net Zero policies (e.g. red diesel). The newly formed panel will look at responses to government and other agencies and assist in formulating policy documents and commentary for the hire sector.

The forum will consist of representatives from member businesses with responsibility for sustainability, CSR and related topics, capped at a maximum of 10 people. The sessions will initially be held online. 

The hire sector is facing challenges, and opportunities, as a result of:

  • Government policy on climate change and Net Zero
  • Local government action on the above and air quality
  • Pressure from other agencies in terms of compliance
  • End user requirements
  • Manufacturer product development
  • Investor awareness and mobilisation

This new HAE EHA forum will meet in September and we are keen to get engagement from participants in membership. If you are interested in joining, or want to find out more please contact Mark Bradshaw on 0121 380 4621.