News Item: HAE EHA Seeks New CEO as Industry Stalwart Steps Down

Graham Arundell, the Chief Executive Officer of the Hire Association Europe (HAE) and Event Hire Association (EHA), the UK's leading trade associations for the hire industry, is standing down after 13 demanding years at the helm.

Having joined HAE in 2007, Mr Arundell is credited with turning around the fortunes of a faltering organisation which had previously been beset with various challenges including declining membership and funds. He led a dramatic turnaround in the organisation through a series of measures all aimed at making HAE more fit for purpose and relevant to the membership. This included the creation of EHA as a separate entity, a complete rebranding of HAE to a more modern identity, and his biggest achievement was reversing the financial fortunes of HAE enabling it to purchase in 2019 the premises it and EHA had previously rented.

During his tenure, HAE and EHA have introduced new member services, widening existing provisions to include more member benefits and redesigned SafeHire to make it fit for purpose for the membership. These member services encompass everything from insurance, health and safety certification to additional training services. His creation in 2009 of EHA facilitated for the first time, a dedicated organisation to represent hire companies and suppliers associated with events or working within the events sector. In addition, Mr Arundell also led the development of the Association's SafeHire and HITS schemes into the industry - now leading accreditations for the hire and construction sectors.

Graham commented: "I was advised at the outset that the role would be challenging, and that was part of the attraction. It's certainly lived up to that but I've had some great experiences and opportunities meeting lots of people along the way that will remain life-long friends."

Brian Sherlock, HAE Chair, commented: "Graham has not only made a valued and sustained contribution to the HAE, he has also had a significant influence within the hire sector. His drive and relentless enthusiasm coupled with strong leadership and networking skills has driven real change within the Association - on behalf of the former and current Directors of the Tool and Equipment, Event Hire and Supplier Boards, thank you."

On his retirement, Mr Arundell plans to spend time renovating a new property in his home village of Scruton, North Yorkshire, having developed several others nearby over the years. He has also agreed to carry on as a consultant with HAE EHA for up to 12 months to help ease the transition period under the new CEO, and additionally he will retain his role as chairman of another certification organisation within the print industry. The HAE EHA stalwart will also continue to support the organisations as they seek UKAS accreditation for the newly formed Certification Services.

Graham added: "I have thoroughly enjoyed the role at HAE EHA and although it has been very demanding, it’s been extremely rewarding as well. I’ve found the hire sector a really interesting and welcoming industry and will genuinely miss the people and the job."

Mr Arundell stands down at the end of April 2020 and the search is now on for his successor. Applicants are sought who have a hire background, as well as experience working with a trade association. Strong interpersonal skills are also a prerequisite and an ability to provide strategic direction and common sense in equal measures are a must!

Anyone interested in applying for this prestigious role is advised to contact Board Chair, Brian Sherlock, for more information by emailing him at

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