News Item: HAE EHA Promoting Apprenticeships for National Careers Week

National Careers Week promotes guidance and career opportunities to young people across the UK and HAE EHA wants the hire sector to be involved. 

National Careers Week was created 10 years ago and primarily focuses on helping students, and other young unemployed people, to make effective choices about their career path. The Careers Week website has guidance on the skills needed for work, CVs, interviews, job inspiration, and much more. It also has information and resources for those who want to get involved. 

HAE EHA feel it is important to promote apprenticeships in the hire industry during this week as the sector is ideally placed to provide entry level opportunities, with the possibility of a full-time role. Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, promoting jobs or career opportunities is particularly important to help support the upcoming generations who have been massively impacted by unemployment. 

HAE EHA's Careers In Hire page includes a search tool for jobs in the industry. Currently there are a number of vacancies available for apprenticeships across the UK, click here to find out more.