News Item: HAE EHA Lobbies for Clarity on Red Diesel in the Hire Industry

Despite the government announcing the end of the red diesel duty rebate from April 2022, the position remains unclear with regard to record-keeping and compliance, and on incentives to encourage companies to transition to greener equipment and fuels.

HAE EHA has been in contact with Treasury and Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) officials to raise additional points, with the aim to prepare a more detailed analysis of the changes. For example, although cited as being of benefit to hire companies, it is uncertain how the new super-deduction (outlined in the 2021 UK Budget, page 22) might be applicable for the equipment hire sector as the guidance appears to rule out plant and equipment purchased for leasing purposes. Likewise, the arrangements concerning management of existing red diesel stocks needs clarification.

A subsequent report will be made available to HAE EHA members when more information is known. In the mean-time if you have any questions you can contact Mark Bradshaw, Public Affairs Manager on 0121 380 4621.