News Item: HAE EHA Continues its Campaign for Guidance and Support on Red Diesel

HAE EHA is working with other trade bodies, to secure a review of capital allowances which currently do not apply to the construction hire and rental sector. Supporting us in this campaign are the Construction Plant-Hire Association (CPA), the Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA) and the Construction Equipment Association (CEA).

Earlier this month HAE EHA spoke with the UK Treasury urging them to explore financial incentives for small businesses when adopting clean fuels. We have followed up with a joint letter to the Treasury and construction ministers.

A call also took place with officials from HMRC to discuss some draft guidance, which will  inform businesses prior to the removal of red diesel from construction use in April 2022. The guidance needs major revision to cover practical issues in the equipment hire sector.

HAE EHA Public Affairs Manager Mark Bradshaw would like to continue hearing from members with questions and concerns, anything that you wish us to carry forward in future discussions with the Treasury and HMRC. Call 0121 380 4621 or email