News Item: HAE EHA Contacts UK Treasury Concerning Incentives for Adopting Clean Fuel

HAE EHA has spoken with Treasury officials about the lack of financial incentives to support businesses adopting new fuel technologies.

We are calling for a greater cross-departmental focus on the impact of the red diesel changes on construction and a better understanding of fact that hire businesses purchase equipment for continuous hire (to different customers) which is very different from, say, leasing in the shipping or rail sectors. At present, hire businesses are excluded from the super-deduction and other enhanced allowances announced in the UK Budget.

There is a round table meeting organised with HMRC later in June to discuss draft guidance about managing red diesel supplies and other matters. HAE EHA members have been raising the need to clarify a series of technical issues concerning management and recording of supplies ahead of April 2022 and we hope the draft guidance from HMRC will address these.

Please keep your queries and concerns coming by contacting HAE EHA Public Affairs Manager Mark Bradshaw on 0121 380 4621.