News Item: Genquip Groundhog Show Emission-free Temporary Buildings at the Executive Hire Show

At the 2022 Executive Hire Show, Genquip Groundhog, a leading UK based manufacturer of sustainable temporary accommodation units, presented two brand new products; the emission-free Unisex SolarLoo, and the Groundhog I.760 static advanced welfare unit.

Sales and marketing manager, Peter Beach said, "We were extremely pleased with quantity and quality of the people that chose to pay us a visit. We were kept very busy during the two days. Both myself and Ryan observed a very keen interest in the hire markets to learn about modern methods to power temporary buildings."

The Groundhog Unisex SolarLoo is a combined male and female toilet system that is designed for use on construction sites. Uniquely, the Unisex SolarLoo is powered by a combination of highly efficient 130amp power AGM battery, which is charged via an intelligent solar power system with a built in controller.

The i.760 is an advanced unisex welfare unit that is fitted with two 360watt solar panels, a large 2000VA inverter/charger, and a 330AH lithium battery. The i.760 operates solely on emission-free solar/battery power. Inside the i.760 there is a waterless urinal, two ceramic flushing toilets and fixed overhead 12V lighting. Users are kept comfortable via a HVO compatible advanced heating system.

"It was brilliant to be back talking in person to so many people, and having the opportunity to explain how we are pushing forward with more sustainable methods to power our products", added Peter.

Genquip Groundhog also used the show to promote their exclusive range of apparel. Manufactured from recycled ocean plastic, the range includes: a natty cap that is made from six plastic bottles, alongside fashionable hoodies, hip T-shirts, beanies and bobble hats together with a stylish gilet.