News Item: Float Like a Butterfly, Finish Like a Pro with the Latest Norton Clipper Power Float

Norton Clipper has launched the all new CT901 HP power float to its range. Offering high durability and versatility, the floor finishing power tool offers contractors a compact, controlled solution with a heavy-duty finish.

A contractor's job can vary from day-to-day, and ensuring the right tools are available for the job can take time - and cost. But when it comes to on-site finishings, whatever the scale of the job, all concrete floors must be smoothed and finished before use.

In commercial settings with surface areas larger than 5,000 square feet, heavy duty, ride-on machinery is required to make the job as quick and painless as possible. But for the smaller, residential floors that make up the bulk of many contractor's work, this can be overkill, with contractors preferring lightweight, walk-behind machinery.

Now, with Norton Clipper's latest product innovation, contractors no longer have to choose between the two. The CT901 HP four blade walk behind power float is specifically designed for professional contractors who work on finishing wet concrete floors in both residential and commercial buildings.

'Floats like a butterfly, finishes like a pro', the CT901 HP power float is the durable heavyweight of choice to help contractors achieve knockout smooth concrete. Featuring hydraulic pitch control for the blades, the power float gives the operator a greater level of control than mechanical pitch systems and helps to achieve a perfect surface finish.

As with all Norton Clipper products, this machine is manufactured using only the highest quality components and to rigorous standards of assembly. This ensures that the CT901 HP benefits from a long life, with minimal requirements for maintenance to ensure product lifetime costs are low.

Norton Clipper prioritises operator safety as well as great performance. By adding the robust steel frame and safety guard rings on the CT901 HP, any accidental contact between the user and the blades is prevented. The rings have been configured to guarantee the best possible visibility of the concrete surface at all times, while the mechanical blades also have a pitch control function to help improve overall accuracy. These features give the operator more control over their work to produce the ultimate smooth concrete finish.

With the CT901 HP, great performance comes as standard, but with the inclusion of the Deadman's Handle, operator safety is also assured. The mechanism ensures that one of the operator's hands must be on the handle at all times for the machine to function; if the operator releases his/her hand, the CT901 HP immediately stops.

Unveiled at the Bauma 2019 trade fair in April, the power float received a great reaction from contractors. The diversity of the product has been particularly popular, with only one tool needing to be used for wet concrete flooring in both commercial and residential jobs.

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