News Item: ERA Launches Sustainable Supplier Framework

The European Rental Association (ERA) has recently launched the Sustainable Supplier Framework to set the industry best practice guidelines and raise common practices for sustainability assessments across the industry.

The new framework will enable a harmonised and more effective approach to sustainable supplier assessments and be beneficial for both rental companies and their suppliers.

Michel Petitjean, Secretary General of ERA, said: “This common approach will reduce the administrative burden of supplier assessments for rental companies and suppliers, raise standards across the industry and allow rental companies to consider suppliers against a common set of sustainability requirements.

“Furthermore, it will give rental company customers, such as contractors and public procurers, a clear idea of how the rental industry approaches supplier assessments and demonstrate that the industry is committed to responsible business practices and high standards of sustainability.”

Mark Bradshaw, Chair of the ERA Sustainability Committee, said: “The ERA Sustainable Supplier Framework is an important initiative to raise standards of supplier assessments across the rental industry, as well as eliminating the need for repeat assessments.

“As Chair of the ERA Sustainability Committee, I am delighted to see this simple and easy-to-use Framework, which is adaptable to the needs of rental companies and complementary to existing initiatives offered by national associations, being delivered by ERA for the benefit of rental companies and their suppliers.”

The Framework, which was developed by an independent consultant based on interviews with rental companies and suppliers and on relevant international standards, provides a set of minimum requirements and aspirations for sustainability in the areas of:

  • Human rights and working conditions
  • Health and safety
  • Responsible sourcing of components and raw materials
  • Environmental performance
  • Business ethics
  • Product sustainability performance

The Framework’s checklist is now available in 6 languages, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch.