News Item: Don't Miss Out on Training During Lockdown with HAE EHA eLearning

With another national lockdown underway, one of the many impacts for HAE EHA has been the ability to deliver training. In spite of the measures, some training sessions have been delivered, albeit with social distancing and sanitising in place. The result has been a surge in demand for distance learning, often delivered in the form of online courses.

HAE EHA launched its own e-learning platform in 2020, delivering courses with a range of topics, which is still growing. The courses themselves are of a manageable length and easy to consume but nonetheless deliver vital and relevant knowledge and skills during these challenging times.

One of the first modules, Covid-19 Practical Guidance for Hire Centres, was launched in May 2020 and was aimed towards hire centre managers, offering training on how to make your working area safe and hygienic for staff and colleagues. Another module focussed on the growing issue of bad mental health in the workplace, a problem particularly affected by coronavirus. 

There's also a three-part programme aimed at event hire companies. Based on HAE EHA Event Hire Practical Guidance, this course breaks down the fundamentals into bitesize modules covering things like travelling to work, customer collections, and preparation of equipment for hire.

There are several new modules in development but for now, to find out more or to register for the programmes, visit the e-learning pages:

If you have any questions on the remote and e-learning programmes available from HAE EHA Training Services, including, Safe Handling and Transportation of LPG, as well as IOSH Managing Safely and Working Safely, call the training team directly on 0121 380 4617 or email