News Item: Discover the Next Generation in Rental Software; OnRent by inspHire

inspHire, the industry leading rental management software providers, are pleased to announce the launch of their new cloud-based application, OnRent.

OnRent is a cloud rental management software solution; a low-cost, flexible application designed with the user in mind. inspHire are an award-winning, global provider of rental management software with more than 20 years of experience and expertise in the industry. 

OnRent is the next generation in rental management software: Simple to use, simple to set-up pay-as-you-go software, which is available on any device, anytime, anywhere. 

Discover effortless rental with cutting-edge features and powerful functionality, delivered at a low cost, to help you grow and develop. inspHire have developed OnRent to support the rental industry and stimulate growth - no matter what is going on in the economy - making rental easier.

Hosted on a modern platform, OnRent includes integrated help guides and digital support, as well as fully integrating with Sage Business Cloud. 

inspHire managing director Martin Bestwick says: "The launch of OnRent is a very proud moment for everyone at inspHire and the Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS) group. What you will see when you log in to the product is a program that’s been designed from the ground up, leveraging modern web technologies that deliver a rich, simple end-user experience - fully optimised for working on any device, anytime, anywhere. 

"OnRent has been developed over a number of years from a completely clean slate. This decision, whilst extending our development timeline, ensures we are able to give our customers the competitive edge that is essential in today's economy.

"We are fortunate to be in a position whereby we’ve developed 3 global market-leading rental solutions, from which we were able to draw experience: inspHire Office Edition, inspHire Corporate Edition and Current RMS (our product for the event industry which we separated from inspHire but have reunited under the KCS acquisition).  

"We have customers of all sizes - ranging from single user sites to those with over 5000 people - accessing our systems each day. So, it’s safe to say we have learnt vast amounts about the industry and our customers’ requirements, and this has informed the features of OnRent. 

"OnRent is a solution initially aimed at start-ups or companies with a relatively simple set of rental requirements. It has been designed to require little to no assistance when setting up. Coupled with a flexible monthly subscription plan, this minimal setup makes for an ideal low-cost solution. We have a suite of solutions that cater for all types of rental organisation, and over time OnRent will develop to suit the needs of the complex rental organisation."