News Item: Covid-19 Update on London Low Emission Standards for Non-Road Mobile Machinery



We recognise that COIVD-19 has caused disruptions to construction sites and to supply chains. This could make it more difficult for construction and hire companies to prepare for the new NRMM Low Emission Zone standards which come into effect in September 2020.

In response, we are introducing a ‘time limited’ exemption from the new standards for a period of six months between the 1 September 2020 and the 28 February 2021.

We are not suspending the NRMM Low Emission Zone completely and all machinery will still need to meet the existing emissions standard for the zone they are in.

This is a time limited intervention and we strongly encourage site operators to use the time to ensure that they meet the new standards as soon as possible, either by ensuring the supply of newer, cleaner equipment or by arranging for older machines to be retrofitted.

For more details of the ‘time limited’ exemption please see the appendix to the updated exemption policy, click here or contact the Greater London Authority (GLA).