News Item: Cough Guard that Clips on to Hard Hat

JSP's cough guard, demonstrated with ear defenders, safety glasses are respiratory apparatus, for the complete defence

Hard-hat supplier JSP has come up with a cough guard specifically for construction workers, to stop them catching infections like Covid-19.

JSP has developed the helmet-mounted cough guard to reduce the likelihood of any exhaled airborne droplets contacting the wearer's face. It also stops the wearer from touching their eyes and face, which is how infection is often spread.

The plastic cough guard is designed to fit the JSP Evolution range of safety helmets and leaves the helmet accessory slots free for fitting helmet-mounted ear defenders. It is also compatible with the JSP range of respiratory products.

Wearing the cough guard does not remove the need to wear safety eyewear or goggles where appropriate, as it is not classed as personal protective equipment as defined by the EU PPE Regulation 2016/425 and does not meet the requirements of EN166 (including splash protection or impact protection).