News Item: Coronavirus and Handling Customers Wishing to Cancel Hires

The HAE EHA Membership Team has been receiving large numbers of enquiries surrounding customer cancellations due to coronavirus; specifically how HAE EHA Terms and Conditions for Hire and Sales can be applied. The following clauses may be of use however please be warned they cannot be used in isolation, but are useful references.

Where a customer cancels a hire but has made payments in advance for goods and/or services that have not yet been provided, then the supplier will refund these amounts to the customer.

If the customer cancels the contract once the supplier has begun to provide equipment and/or services it shall be liable for all costs reasonably incurred by the supplier up to the point they are informed of the customer’s decision to cancel the contract.

For full precise wording please refer to items 10.3 and 10.4 on the HAE EHA Terms and Conditions for Hire and Sales available to download here (member username and password will be required).