News item: Consti Chooses Niftylift HR28 from Ramirent Finland

Finland-based Consti Construction chooses the Niftylift HR28 Hybrid from Ramirent for Summer Build

From left to right: Sami Tainio (JS-Multi Service Oy), Juho Perälä (Ramirent Finland Oy) and Sami Vilpas (Consti Korjausrakentaminen Oy) standing in front of the Niftylift HR28 Hybrid.

This summer (2020), Consti Korjausrakentaminen Oy chose to rent the Niftylift HeightRider 28 Hybrid (HR28) from Ramirent Finland Oy for its construction site in Pasila, Helsinki - Finland.

Consti chose the Niftylift hybrid boom to reduce running costs and to minimise exhaust and noise emissions, as the site in Pasila is located near office building windows. Consti employees also prefer working with the HR28 hybrid due to its low-weight, manoeuvrability and excellent working outreach.

Niftylift Gen 2 Hybrid – Efficient, Versatile and Environmentally Conscious
The HR28 includes Niftylift's second-generation Gen 2 Hybrid powertrain, which takes full advantage of well over a decade of hybrid-development experience. It utilises an efficient, power-optimised EU Stage V compliant Diesel engine, supported by the machine's electric motor when extra power is needed. This maintains power and performance while reducing fuel consumption for maximum efficiency. The batteries can be charged from an AC power source, but an innovative 'Diesel Re-Gen' feature also recharges the batteries, giving a 'fast-charge' (up to twice as fast as AC) whenever the machine is idle and the engine running. In addition to 'hybrid' mode the HR28 can also be used in 'electric-only' mode, which makes quiet, zero-emission operation possible and was one of the important factors that made it ideal for use on Conti's Pasila site.

'Smooth' Service from JS-Multi Service
Ramirent Finland sourced the HR28 from Niftylift's Finnish dealer, JS-Multi Service Oy. They have years of experience working with many different types of boom and provide responsive service back-up and spare parts deliveries to Ramirent. From order to rental-ready the HR28 from JS-Multi Service was delivered in no time and they also provided product demonstrations to Ramirent's customers and employees.

Helping Ramirent Finland Meet its 'Green Deal' Commitments
As part of the Work Equipment Industry's 'Green Deal' contract, Ramirent Finland aims to have 90% of its MEWP fleet as electric or hybrid-powered by 2025. This is an ambitious, but achievable aim, as these types of MEWP are becoming more common now due to forward-looking manufacturers like Niftylift
leading the way with its range of all-electric and hybrid MEWPs. Ramirent continues to test and select only the very best for its rental fleet.

JS-Multi Service has been Ramirent’s MEWP-maintenance partner for many years and fully supports Ramirent's green goals. As interest in traditional Diesel-only powered machines begins to decrease, JS-Multi Service is pleased to be able to provide Niftylift's wide range of all-electric and hybrid products to Ramirent’s fleet.