News Item: CITB Levy Proposals 2022-2025

CITB has won industry backing for its levy proposals, but the level of support in the construction industry has declined and several trade bodies, including HAE, did not support the proposals after consulting eligible member businesses.

The agreed Levy proposals are: 

Now that Consensus is complete the Levy will continue at rates of 0.35% for PAYE and 1.25% for Net paid (Taxable) CIS Sub-contractors from 2022-2025. 

The results will also mean that approximately 40,000 employers with a wage bill below £120,000 will continue to be exempt, with 14,000 seeing a 50% reduction due to having a wage bill of between £120,000 and £400,000.  

Consensus feedback from construction employers is important so that CITB can continually improve. Comments received were on themes of communication, engagement, accessibility to grants and funding and how CITB can work together to better meet needs.

The result will now be taken to the Secretary of State for Education, who will make the final decision on the issue. If approved the three year Levy would be issued for 2022-25. More information on the Levy Proposals can be found here.