News Item: CITB Levy Consensus Will Go Ahead in 2021

HAE has received confirmation that the next CITB Levy Consensus exercise will take place in 2021, after it was postponed last year due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Levy Consensus exercise is an opportunity for those within hire and construction, and who are within scope for the Levy, to have their say on the priorities for spending the Levy proceeds. HAE, as one of the prescribed organisations or trade bodies has a say in the process based on the views of in-scope members.

In June HAE will distribute a survey to capture views on the proposed Levy and gauge levels of support for what CITB proposes.

This is an important opportunity to help shape the priorities and resources allocated to key skills and training needs in construction, and in the hire sector. The CITB Consensus consultation online platform is now live until 11th April 2021

Using the platform, employers can share opinions about the Levy Proposals for 2022-25 and, at the same time, provide views on ten areas that CITB have identified as needing enhanced support to develop skills for the industry. This information is fed back to the Levy Strategy Committee (LSC) before the final Levy Proposals are recommended to the Board.

There are also a series of virtual events for employers running over the next few weeks, to find out more and book click here.